Growing up and getting lost.

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I'm Jenna.
20, photographer, teacher,
writer, dreamer, art school student.

I have never had such awful anxiety until this semester. I’m so anxious that I’m constantly shaking and worrying over something. My teachers hate me and I’m juggling a teaching job while being a full time student. I have no appetite and I’m always crying. There’s so much work to do and I don’t know how to keep it together without screaming. Someone just please give me a break. Please.

I’m a mountain that has been moved,
I’m a river that is all dried up
I’m an ocean nothing floats on,
I’m a sky that nothing wants to fly in
I’m a sun that doesn’t burn hot,
I’m a moon that never shows its face
I’m a mouth that doesn’t smile,
I’m a word that no one ever wants to say.

I’m a mountain that has been moved,
I’m a fugitive that has no legs to run
I’m a preacher with no pulpit,
Spewing a sermon that goes on and on and on.

(Source: laurathebeat, via vivalacecily)